Born and raised in a suburb of Monrovia, Zhalman aka Z-Plus, grew up middle class with a childhood dream of becoming a pilot. Those childhood dreams were shattered when Liberia entered into a civil war. Zhalman traded dreaming and childhood innocence for surviving random executions, famine, air strikes, cross fires and even death during the gruesome war. Witnessing random executions and atrocities, Zhalman, in most ways still a child, emerges a resilient young man, with hopes and ability to turn the darkest time of his life into something positive.

Orphaned, but with extended family, Zhalman escapes his homeland, relocating to Ghana as a refugee. For ten years on the refugee camp he waits… waits for comfort… waits for peace… and waits for a place to call home.

When the time came and his humble wait was over, Zhalman, found himself in the United States; arriving with a few belongings, memories both good and bad, and the songs he wrote during his life as a refugee that he carries in his heart.

Critical Condition, Z-Plus’ debut album, describes Zhalman’s years growing-up. His songs are not about the denigration of women, but the value of life. Not about the latest gang banging exploits, but about the deeper love he has for others, an unconditional love… No Ordinary Love. The war of Z-Plus’ music is not a drug war, but civil war; one that cost him his own mother’s life. His original song, Al Capon, penned and composed while he lived in Africa, landed without his consent on the soundtrack of the movie, Chill Factor, starring Cuba Gooding, Jr.

Z-Plus brings to his music first-hand accounts of war; he brings inspiration rich in depth and significance and fortified with personal encouragement from musical idols such as Alpha Blondy whom he met while performing at MASA, an annual African Arts festival in Cote-d’Ivoire. Z-Plus takes his pain and shapes it into a musical communiqué that inspires his audiences worldwide.

With his music, Z-Plus reaches out, rapping in a language that youth can understand. Through his performance, he gives youth a role model that has integrity, respect, and diligence.

One successful step at a time, Z-Plus steadily moving forward, adding acting to his list of passions, Z-Plus has brought emotions and grace on screen, as he has done on stage. Keeping his focus, determination and drive he is now working on other movie projects, after completing several short films and a feature, Sci-Fi movie in which he played a supporting role along side Charles Hubble and Sasha Andreev.

Zhalman, determined to keep making music, after leaving his former label in the fall of 2009, started a record label, and media house with two other partners, after stepping down as CEO of the company 2 years later, Zplus Media Co. was born.

With success knocking Z-Plus, still as humble as ever, and is focused on his future regardless of the past…